Today's prosthetic eyes are fully custom made to match the wearer's companion eye and are manufactured with acrylic throughout, including paint, iris, and sclera (the white of the eye).

On your first visit to the Cos-Medic eye laboratory, two major steps take place. Firstly, a shape is determined of your prosthetic eye. Then your iris colour is hand painted onto an iris button. This button can be applied with up to twenty coats of paint to achieve the correct colour and detail.

This first appointment should have a duration of approximately 45 minutes.

The Ocularist will then start to fabricate your new eye with the iris button in place. Blood vessels and scleral tints are then applied and the prosthesis completely coated with clear acrylic. It is hand shaped and polished to a very high quality finish.

Your first artificial eye fitted after enucleation or evisceration will usually need to be replaced in twelve months. This is because the socket will settle and enlarge; the eyelids will then close down over the prosthetic eye, as it will be too small. After the second eye is manufactured, your first will become a spare prosthetic eye, something you should always have. Thereafter, it is suggested all prosthetic eyes should be replaced every three to five years.

You should have your acrylic prosthetic eye cleaned and polished by your Cos-Medic Ocularist every six to twelve months as secretions will build up over the surface and penetrate into the eye causing discomfort and excessive discharge. This cleaning will also give you a more natural lifelike appearance.

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